It is a long way to walk, but yet a short way to talk. It is just one wonderful Pioneer Square Saturday Night. It’s an old neighborhood, still, it attracts people to visit. It fulls of history. It is not too crowded, yet not empty. It is full of lights and colors. Many cars and people cruise by; from American’s made by to European’s made by; from a classy to a trashy. It is amazing what can happen in a split second.

People laugh and people cry; Car speeding up and car stopping aside. First block full of entertainment. Next block full of dead silence. Still, I feel inspired and alive. What is it going to be? Could it be her? The wind breeze through her smooths untouchable face and blows her black long straight hair. The way she walks and moves so confidently noticed. Almost so confident makes her looks like a female lion aiming its next target suddenly and slowly. Or could it be the hotdog?

The wind brings me the smell of temptation. The long lines of people prove it that it’s worth of wait, or maybe it’s just the way people balancing out from the large amount of alcohol they consume. The night is still young. I don’t want to miss a thing. Importantly, I don’t want to miss a non-rainy night in Seattle.

Celebrate a birthday

It wasn’t the typical rainy day in Seattle. No. The clouds dissipated to let the striking sunshine streak through to the sublime scenery of Puget Sound. After all, it was the beginning of summer and the world seems to take a liking to this area during the warmer months. It was a welcome break for the birthday of my friend Jason.

A fiery red sunset echoed on the brick buildings of downtown Seattle as I met up the entourage of my friend Jason. We drank and dined at our favorite Mexican restaurant Mama’s Kitchen and then headed to the square for the night’s true entertainment. On our way, we ran into a street performer who said that he could do three backflips in a row. Intrigued we deposited some money into the spectacle as other downtown folk surrounded the man as he began. We shouted, “ONE, TWO, THREE.” In an instant, the amazing moment was over. He had earned his money and we forged forward in our pursuit of fun.

Pioneer Square was alive and kicking and we plunged straight into the pulsing vein of it. “Retro’s playing tonight,” a posted sign stated as we walked toward the climatic club. It is here that we lose ourselves. Alcohol Digested Craze in a flashback infested maze of lost inhibitions while swaying in our own ways.

I felt the music flow. A small circle surrounded me but I was allowed freedom to function as well as an alcohol-induced man can. A few curious girls gazed and amazingly they moved closer to me. I had no cares of going home with anyone of them so I strutted from one to another. It was wonderful having nothing to pin me down in one spot. I was a creature of the crowd. I even found myself dancing in a Rumba style with a girl to twirl around.

Time flew and then the night subsided and we took the taxi back to Jason’s Place. Some went to sleep soon after reaching it. Others stayed awake long enough to see dawn break. Would this be another beautiful day? I wondered as I struggled to stay awake. Maybe, we will have to find something else to celebrate, or to remember, and my mind went back to the days of the Rodney King trial...What a time and how dare they…