I haven’t had a peaceful nights rest ever since I moved up here. I was also just so use to the small town I grew up in. My apartment is bare and there’s no food in the refrigerator. I haven’t felt this alone in a while. But tomorrow will be a fun and exciting day. Every day here is going to a new experience. I am going to start school in the fall and can’t wait to meet new people. This all sounds so fun, but what if I don’t meet anybody…It’s a long way home…

What if I moved here to be alone where nobody knows my name? I woke up and open up my blinds. I found myself standing in front of the city. I look to my right and there’s Puget Sound, with cruise ships coming in and out of port. I did my morning ritual and got ready for the day ahead of me. I walked across the street to the local corner store and picked up the newspaper and headed over to Tully’s and decided to enjoy my coffee just like I heard everybody does up here. I was starting to feel like a big city man now.

After my delicious coffee (this is the world capital of Coffee, right?), I headed up to First Avenue. I walked up and down the blocks all day long. I walked in and out of every little shop in Bell town with nothing in hand. I was browsing, not shopping. I concluded my day by heading down to the Waterfront and enjoy the sunset. It wasn’t a fascinating day to some, but to one child that’s never been anywhere in his life, Seattle is the place I call home.

Bass gets you laid

Its 8 pm and I feel a bit uneasy. This is most unusual for me. Hmmm, most unusual. I hear the music from the elevator. The drums and bass vibrate the titanium that secures my ride. What am I doing? My stomach tweaks in turmoil. Is this ladylike? It feels wrong. I am forced to follow my heart. So I continue as the door opens. This reminds me of the one who “knew Bruce Lee so well”

I walk down the corridor of the abandoned mall and through the arches of Gordon Biersch. I feel awkward and hesitate when I see all the men and women chugging down beers and poppin buffalo wings with that chunky sauce. I turn around and wait under the arches. I should have brought his brothers. I’ve only just met him, feeling like a teenage groupie I linger in the shadows. I close my eyes and embrace the sound; the sounds that fill me. I hear his bass, I smile. The bass is all I’ve ever heard. It’s the heartbeat that moves me, that carries me across the floor in a lovers embrace.

Within that feeling, I continue into the lounge, towards the bar as if my eyes had on blinders. I pull myself together and order a José Cuervo on the rocks. Oh yeah, much better. I love that bite that sends me. I see him, he’s 6 foot 4 and then some, with skin like vanilla cream, I want to breathe in his scent yet I surrender. For only two months prior my soul was ripped in two. My lover’s scent still embedded upon my skin…It burns.

My eyes follow the length of him. I blush. He is tender in the shadows I shiver at the similarity. Tall as a willow he sways, eyes closed, yet relaxed as if in prayer. I stare humbled by my childlike desires to stand on stage. To sing with him, to be with him. As I follow the fantasy of my dreams his eyes break my trance. He has seen me. With a deep smile, his dimples mold his face into a pleasant space forbidden. My thighs heat up and my womb grows tight.

I watch him move softly, so tender so slow, his hands run erotic and strum the waist of his bass, I’d change places with her in a heartbeat if that were my fate. I blush as I swallow the last tainted spirit, and toss the glass to the tender.

I release myself from this poetic injustice and focus on the matter at hand… Of a man so loving, so romantic, so free. Who am I to notice? As I look around I realize that I am not the only one that moves within his rhythm. The ladies of young, maiden and crone..follow the beat of my bassist. I laugh and finish my drink and he puts down his bass and walks over to me…I’ve been told that bass gets ya laid. Go figure…What a morning…